Sampling Lansing's Unique Flavor Has Never Been Easier

Those who don’t live in Michigan don’t realize what the high-quality wines, craft beers, and spirits that are created in the state are like. Lake effect weather affects the agricultural ingredients which create tastes that simply don't occur in other parts of the country.


The best way to sample all that Lansing’s craft brewing businesses have to offer is by hitting the local “Makers and Shakers Trail.” Make sure you bring a powerful thirst with you when you do! At this moment, there are seventeen stops on the trail and more will likely be added as Lansing’s breweries, wineries and distilleries continue to grow.

Sample Some Great Wine
Wine-Tasting at Uncle John's Winery

Burgdorf's Winery is located in Haslett. In addition to growing their own grapes, the winery also bottles everything they sell. Touring their lovely gift shop and learning how they make their phenomenal wine will make the trip a memorable one. Booking a private wine-tasting party is a great idea when you and your friends want to do something different. Burgdorf’s is well-known award winner for the many specialty wines they’ve created over the years.

Uncle John’s Fruit House Winery features a combination of fruit and traditional grape wines, along with carbonated dessert and other specialty wines. Pull up a stool and enjoy their tasting room then pick up some great wine-related items and gifts while you’re there. 

Southwest of Lansing visitors can discover Charlotte’s Country Mill Farms and their delightful wine tasting right at the farm market. Adults can select the right wine to suit their palate. For just $2, sample three wines and receive a complimentary souvenir wine glass. 

Greater Lansing is home to several other small wineries, some of which will likely be added to the Movers and Shakers Trail before long.

Beer Lovers, Raise a Glass at these Fine Taprooms

Most of the Lansing area listings on the Makers and Shakers Trail are brew pubs. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that each one serves a similar tasting craft beer. Between the specialized recipe each brewer uses for each of the beers they craft, and the unusual impact Michigan’s bizarre lake effect weather has on the ingredients, you can hit up every stop on the trail and enjoy a uniquely flavored beer at each stop.

Breweries listed on the trail include:

Grab a Glass of Cider

Two breweries and wineries listed as stops on the Makers and Shakers Trails happen to be wineries that also specialize in amazing hard cider that they produce out of apples and other fruit that they grow. Both of these facilities are set up so that while the adults sip hard cider, their kids can tour the farms.

The wineries/cider producers are:

Sip and Savor the Taste of Locally Created Spirits
Red Cedar Spirits

Distilleries are the latest hot commodity. If you love a clean taste to your craft cocktail or want to experience an adult beverage that is locally sourced, concocted in-house with fresh ingredients you’ll want to visit the distilleries on Greater Lansing’s Makers and Shakers Trail. Conjure up your inner Mad Men vibe and sip on a Manhattan, a Gimlet or a Rob Roy. Or, if you like try something a bit more contemporary like the Dark ‘n Stormy or Moscow Mule. You can taste the difference. 

Three distilling facilities in the region are:

Makers & ShakersLike free stuff? Pick up a Makers & Shakers pamphlet at any one of the locations indicated above and inside you'll find a stamp card. Visit at least 12 of the locations then send in the completed card for a free commemorative gift! Download and preview a PDF of the Makers and Shakers brochure.