Tour of Terror 2016

Times: From: 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM


Nuthouse                                 Tavern & Tap

Green Door                             Taps 25

Duke’s                                     Stober’s

The Exchange                         Mort’s

Tin Can                                    The Waterfront                                                                                  

How it Works:

Consumers can pick up their free Tour of Terror punch card and wristband at any of the above establishments starting Wednesday, October 19th.  The punch card and wristband guarantee consumers transportation to and from each place throughout the evening and free cover at each bar. (Wristbands, punch cards and boxes will be dropped off on/by October 18th)

A Dean Trailways bus will be leaving and arriving roughly every 20-25 minutes from each bar on the tour.  They will drop off people from the previous place, and pick up people ready to move to the next destination.

At each bar, participants will receive a punch or mark in their Tour of Terror ticket particular to that bar.  After they have made it to every stop, and have the correct punch or mark, they may place their ticket with name and information in drop boxes located at each establishment. 

Winners will be drawn the following week, and the prizes distributed.

Tour of Terror Prizes 2016

  1. $500 Visa Gift Card
  2. $200 Visa Gift Card
  3. $100 Visa Gift Card
  4. $100 Visa Gift Card
  5. $100 Visa Gift Card 
  6. $ 50 in bar gift cards (2 bars @$25 each)
  7. $ 50 in bar gift cards (2 bars @$25 each)
  8. $ 50 in bar gift cards (2 bars @$25 each)
  9. $ 50 in bar gift cards (2 bars @$25 each)
  10. $ 50 in bar gift cards (2 bars @$25 each)

October 28, 2016
Time: 8:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Tour of Terror 2016
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