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I cannot think of anything that I enjoy better than sitting outside on a beautiful warm, sunny day. Wait. How about sitting outside on a beautiful day with people you love…sharing stories, laughing and telling bad jokes?
How could it get even better? Sitting outside on a beautiful day with people you love, not having to cook with a server on hand with delicious food and drinks. It. is. the. best. Hands down. The food and drinks just taste better and the atmosphere is most definitely both relaxed and festive.

Mention the word burger and I’m in. There is nothing like a good char-broiled juicy burger to satisfy my hunger. Make mine medium so that the center is pink. I give extra points when it drips down my wrists. If I don’t get messy, the burger probably wasn’t that good. I like everything from a simple cheeseburger deluxe to an olive burger or a fancy pants obi-wan-kobe-waygu-go-for-the-gold-patty-with-some-crazy-stinky-cheese-crumbles-on-top burger.

Winter in mid-Michigan is something that I so look forward to early in the season. Cue the Christmas lights and the holiday spirit. Oh, look! Pretty giant snowflakes are drifting down. Hey, let's build a snowman and take a walk in the snow-covered field. By the end of January, I'm ready to kick cold weather and salt-crusted boots to the curb and welcome spring. But what makes shorter daylight and cold temperatures tolerable is that the month of January has been designated as National Soup Month.