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From family dining to chic tapas bars, you'll find food for every taste, budget and style.


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Download the Greater Lansing Mobile App for on-the-go access to events and attractions around Greater Lansing. The mobile app is available for iPhone®, Android and Blackberry® smart phones.

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You can also download our new Family Fun Guide.  This booklet has everything you need for a day, week, or all season long of fun for the whole family in Greater Lansing! If you prefer a printed copy, be sure to fill out the form below and check "Family Fun Guide" after you input your address information.




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Our award-winning Visitor Guide is a comprehensive handbook to all the region has to offer. With sections on attractions, shopping, dining, a detachable map, and so much more, you will feel like a local in no time. Order one today!

PLEASE NOTE: International travelers seeking information regarding the region are encouraged to download the PDF of the print guide (above.) Due to increased postage fees, we do not mail printed Visitor Guides outside North America.

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