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About Greater Lansing, MI

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, Greater Lansing Michigan is a special place to visit. However, unlike so many other destinations, there is no clear and distinct reason why. In fact, the range of things Greater Lansing is known for is so broad, it's often hard to clearly label exactly who we are. Greater Lansing is home to the arts, in every possible form. Our world-class performance venues and art galleries show this community has a taste and appreciation for the finer things. But Greater Lansing is also a hard-working industrial town. As the home of Oldsmobile and some of the most current and high-tech General Motors facilities in the world its obvious this community knows how to roll up its sleeves and get to work. Greater Lansing is also Michigan's Capital City. When legislators meet here they debate and discuss political policies that will shape the future of Michigan for generations to come. But remember we're also the home to Michigan State University, one of the nation's leading educational institutions, full of tomorrow's professionals studying nearly every subject possible, and having a little fun along the way.

See what we mean? Greater Lansing is so many things, to so many people. While its sometimes easier to be known for one big thing and its sometimes frustrating to have so many unique identites, we feel this is our greatest strength. Why? Because we can say with absolute confidence something that a lot of destinations cannot - We truly have something for everyone!

Explore the pages of this site and learn for yourself everything Greater Lansing has to offer - for your family, or for your organization's annual conference!

For some insight into the Lansing region's community development and assets click here for a message from Bob Tresize, President and CEO, Lansing Area Economic Partnership, Inc.


Written by Bob Trezise, President/CEO of Lansing Economic Area Partnership, Inc.

This is no longer the Lansing region you thought you knew. Lansing has become a national model for growth.

If you’re analyzing trends and assets looking for a great financial return, trying to determine which Midwest region can best compete in and take advantage of the rising global economy and provide top, diverse talent, the Lansing region comes out on top.

We’re an emerging international community, speaking 52 languages. We’re the country’s 20th largest Chinese population and welcome its wealth and enormous, local purchasing power. We are the nation’s Accelerator Region, home to Michigan State University’s Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) and all its promise of high-tech spinoff technologies companies and jobs. We’re home to MSU’s No. 1 ranked physics department, ranked just ahead of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MSU’s Spartan Innovations, along with LEAP’s New Economy Division, is spinning off more and more high-tech companies from MSU. We are a hub for creating remarkable talent that rotates in and out from MSU and the rest of our region’s higher education institutions. We are a uniquely diverse and tolerant community, genuinely accepting and welcoming of all people.

We are the pinnacle of North American GM, home to two of North America’s most technologically advanced assembly plants. Suppliers are moving here and expanding. There’s no more advanced workforce than ours. The redesigned 2014 Cadillac CTS recently was named Motor Trend magazine’s Car of the Year. Its sister car, the Cadillac ATS, won North American Car of the year honors at this year’s Detroit auto show.

And there are scores of non-car related high-tech manufacturers, ranging from medical devices, software development, nano technologies to biotechnologies, expanding and adding jobs at an incredible pace.

We are one of the Midwest’s major hubs of national headquarters for the insurance industry. These national corporate headquarters are villages of opportunity, giant career ladders to climb: IT management, government relations, human resources, marketing and public relation, legal, accounting and every other imaginable occupation wrapped into one.

Yes, over the past couple of years, Kiplinger Magazine came out with the top 10 list of Great Places for Young People to Live and Work in America. The usual suspects were of course, Austin, Texas; Boston; Chicago and …Lansing! The Lansing/East Lansing MSA ranked No. 6 in the nation and No. 1 in Michigan for high-tech job growth. The Milken Institute ranked the Lansing area as one of the state’s top four, large metro areas for job growth. According to Urban Trends, the Lansing area was No. 1 in the U.S. for job growth in Goods Produced, Manufacturing and Transportation and Utilities.

In fact, from 2001 – 2011, Lansing is second in the entire state for GDP growth. Want New York-sized entertainment and culture? The Wharton Center continues to be one of the world’s great stages for international-scale performances. MSU’s basketball and football games are as big as any sporting event in the country.

Downtown Lansing and East Lansing are booming with fun and night life. One of the world’s great and newest contemporary art museums opened – The Broad Art Museum. We are blessed with growing agricultural areas (see Agro-Liquid’s new national headquarters in St. Johns), as well as critical suburban and beautiful small-town life.

The growth story of the Lansing region is remarkable. If you’re and investor or creator, Lansing is one smart, rich bet.